Kotor Varoš

About us

Monouso Industries was formed in 2012 and started production in 2013. Today's production output allows for 22 tons of finished product to be made in 24 hours. The manufacturing process utilizes polystyrene and polypropylene using machines made by the Swiss firm WM Machines, who are considered leaders in the industry. The manufacturing process is automated, and the finished products are not exposed to any human contact. At this phase, the entire assortment of products is brought to the EU markets with an emphasis on distribution expansion in the local region, since the products are high-quality and made from formula-specific materials not available in our local market. Behind every product is a team of developers that oversee the production process...


Mission and Vision

...from the general concept, technical design, prototype to the production of molds and the finished product, which then passes the demanding quality control. Every day we work to improve our business, we adopt the latest technical and technological solutions, and set the trend in production methods.

• Employee Development
• Improving the efficiency of business
• Investment in new production technologies
• Expansion of the production program
• Customer-oriented / User
• Continuous improvement of the quality of services and products